My Minions Are Everywhere!

Nathan Says Hi!

Have you ever had a completely random stranger walk up to you and say "Nathan Says Hi"? Or seen somebody walking down the street wearing a big purple button reading "Minion of Nathan"?

You will.

Odds are good that it's happening to someone you know right now.

What the hell are you talking about?

It's very simple, really:

My Minions Are Everywhere

This fact was noted some time ago. I'm merely trying to accellerate the process by bringing more minions into the fold. Relax, sit back, and surrender to the one inevitable fact:

Wherever you go, there I am.

NEW! Pictures of my minions!

You thought I was kidding, right? You thought..."Surely nobody in their right mind would parade around wearing a button that said 'Minion of Nathan' in large, garish type!?" Well, you may have me on the "right mind" part, but as for the's all horrifyingly true!

See for yourself here!

Six Degrees of Nathan

Are you a minion? Would you like to be? The best way to be one is to wear the button. But maybe you haven't had the chance to get the button yet, or maybe it's just not enough.

Well, to serve the ever-growing demand for minionhood, we are proud to announce the Minion of Nathan Web Buttons! Just copy the html code to the right of the button of your choice onto your web page and you too can be a minion!

Nathan Says Hi! <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" ALT="Nathan Says Hi!"></A>
Minions Now! <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" ALT="Minions Now!"></A>

Coming Soon!